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She Plays Sports
Custom Tube Socks Designs

 Custom Tube Socks Designs
Minimum 1 dozen per style, color, size.
Designed by you in any stock acrylic color
Many patterns, names, or emblems (See above for examples)
80% Acrylic; 20% Stretch Yarn.
Small (6-8); Medium (9-11); Large (10-13)
Colors: Athletic Gold, Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Scarlet, Royal, Purple, Maroon,
Black, Pink, Sky, Teal, Silver Grey, Texas Orange, Kelly, Forest, Navy, White

 Minimum Order of 1 dozen (12 Pairs)  per style, color, size
(Cannot mix colors and sizes for custom option socks)
Available to ship in approximately 2-3 weeks. 
No Refunds on Custom Orders

To order, please Contact She Plays Sports Toll-Free at
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or email us at
for details.

Note: Color sample quality may vary slightly due to your browser and/or monitor.

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Please Contact She Plays Sports Toll-Free at
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or email us at for information.
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